"Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess

by Esque

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(free) 03:52


released October 25, 2011

Darren O'Brien - vocals, fripptar, chime guitar, scream guitar
Martin Richards - vocals, bass guitar, noise guitars
Agustin Cichero - piano, spiral guitar
Chase Anderson - drums

Bones To Be:
Darren O'Brien - vocals, bass guitar, spook guitar, Mellotron, claps, woodblock
Martin Richards - vocals, clavinet, congas, shekere, claps
Agustin Cichero - vocals, staccato guitar, gypsy guitar, organ, Mellotron
Chase Anderson - drums
Dalila Pasotti, Bryn McKay, and Giacomo Ginammi - star choir

"Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess:
Darren O'Brien - vocals, wash guitar, Mellotron
Martin Richards - vocals, bass, dumbek
Agustin Cichero - vocals, pipa, Mellotron
Chase Anderson - drums
Meg Okura - erhu
Quinn Walker - vocals

Produced by Esque and Toshi Yano
Recorded by Toshi Yano at Studio 54A, Brooklyn
Additional keyboards recorded and engineered by Joe McGinty at Carousel Studios, Brooklyn
Mixed by Toshi Yano
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Sculpture and photography by Emil Alzamora
Layout and design by Suzanne M. Stokes



all rights reserved


Esque Brooklyn, New York

Esque are New Yorkers from the South--Memphis and Buenos Aires--and they think it's a waste of time to play only one kind of music when, you know, the Internet exists.


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Track Name: Bones To Be
Bones To Be

If our lives were just another sunrise
Then the world would be a waste of time
Almost may only count in life
But pop living always ends in pop dying

We try and we toil and we hope to achieve some lasting dream
Our successes mean nothing, we all end our scheme as bones to be

Living to die in obscurity
Actively seeking mortality
Making the least of our humanity
Bones to be

There once was a species that lived with only one scheme
Most of them suffered so that a few could be kings
Now there's a new breed digging up the old bones
Burning the bodies to put heat in their homes

I accept my fate, swallowed by the sun peacefully
I just want some meaning for my progeny, these bones to be

Living to die in obscurity
Actively seeking mortality
Making the least of our humanity
Bones to be

A star, I'm gonna be a star
Track Name: "Confessions", by God, as told to Peyton Burgess
I'm a fat creature of convenience. I recline in my rickshaw, enjoying the ride. You're left pedaling outside.

In my empty billfold photo sleeve, the pattern you might start to see is a heart of formica.

At my feet are the crumpled receipts of your sabotaged ambitions and dreams, future cookie fortunes.

If you light your way by paper lantern, I will make the thing catch fire. I will blind you with its sudden brilliance, let it smolder out, and leave you in the dark.

Maybe this is me apologizing, but that scripture's left untold. So consider this a prologue, and a promise that it will not get any worse from here.

I've taught you some things: that Carolina jasmine scent's brief, but it's annual; and just 'cause you drink your champagne from a crystal don't mean it won't give you a hangover. But if I told you anymore, I'd ruin the surprise.

But at least I've made it easy for you to hate me and not yourself. At least you hate me and not yourself.